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Map of Lubniewice






Here are four maps showing the location of Lubniewice and the picturesque area around the town, in the Lubuskie Lake District, in the west of Poland. Click on the three thumbnail images to download the full size version of the maps.

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map of europe with Lubniewice and Poland marked!

The location of Lubniewice on a map of Northern Europe.


konigswaldemap.JPG (590864 bytes)

Part of a 1930s 1:25 Map

of Konigswalde, East Brandenburg



map_lubuskie.jpg (333169 bytes)

Present Day Map of the Province of Lubuskie

showing German / Polish border and location

of Lubniewice and border city of Frankfurt Oder.

(Map features both Polish and original German names) 


lubniewiceareamap.jpg (411007 bytes)

Detailed map showing

the Lubniewice area




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