One of the three lakes in Lubniewice, Lubuskie, Polen

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Lubniewice, Lubusz, Polen


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This website focuses on the interesting, but little known, lakeside town of Lubniewice in the west of Poland. Here you can find dozens of photographs of Lubniewice, its people, and the picturesque villages, towns, nature and countryside in this part of western Poland. In addition to the photographic record of the area around Lubniewice visitors can also send ecards; find maps; post opinions about Lubniewice on our message board; find out about businesses in the Lubniewice area; browse old picture postcards of Lubniewice (Konigswalde / Koenigswalde); and follow links to other websites with a connection to Lubniewice and/or the province of Lubuskie. 

As this website hopes to raise awareness of our town in the outside world, its main language is English. A Polish language version of this page can be found by clicking the Polish flag at the top of the page.


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Lubniewice lake, Polska

The fountain in the centre of Lubniewice, Lebus, Polen

Town hall, Lubniewice, Lubuskie, Poland

Lubniewice, Poland (formerly Konigswalde, Germany)

Hotelik - hotel and restaurant, Lubniewice, Poland

Lubniewice is within an hour or two's drive of the large cities of Berlin (Germany) and Szczecin, Poznan, Gorzow and Zielona Gora (Poland)


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